Broken Structures?

The structure is a principal source of the problem(s) in the UK political system. The system and media tends to focus on the weaknesses of the people involved because they have become so closely associated with the failures of the system…  But the system is fundamentally broken on a couple of different levels. Not to mitigate just how broken some of these people are, but it starts with the system and how it works. So we’ll be looking at the important structural issues (just click on them):

1-the weak leader central government setup

2-the county council strong leader setup

3-the borough council strong leader setup

And lastly, the 5 things that need to be done right now…

The solution?
1-eliminate the strong leader provision to allow incompetents to be removed with a vote of 15% of the members
2-term limits of 2 terms
3-electronic voting to allow full participation by the electorate
4-demand full consultation using technology of all country-wide issues
5-all representatives need to prove they have lived in the area they represent for 5 years or more