Surrey Children at risk of serious harm: Ofsted

Ofsted has found that Surrey is putting its children at serious risk: Click here for the article Ofsted finds Surrey seriously lacking

And what is being done about it? Excuse mongering, blame mongering, and finger pointing. With the constant finger pointing you would think they are developing arthritis of the index finger. Instead, they index all the reasons they have to cut the budget. How about they start by selling off the 400 plus properties they have that are doing nothing, as well as the County Hall building that isn’t even in Surrey? What is really most important here?

Thinking Out Of The Box?

The biggest casualty of the strong leader form of government is the process of “thinking” within the governmental delivery system. They take their cues from the political leadership, so when they have no cue, the institutions depart from all thinking and just revert to processing data. When the leaders of Councils can only process data, and not think “out of the box”, you have nothing but an accumulation of useless data…

So let’s take an important piece of recent news, Surrey County Council heavily cutting the budget on dealing with narcotics addictions. There are a lot of numbers bandied about in relation to the causes, the effects, and the consequences. One thing that is undeniable is that a large number of addicts won’t get the treatment require to beat their addictions. The exact number? Who knows… The relevance??? Very little…

What matters is what are we going to do about it? So, we know:
1- that there will be loads of people not getting the treatment they need
2-those people will probably seek to fill that need in socially unacceptable ways, which has a cost both directly and indirectly
3-their problems neither go away nor get better with age

The difficulty of course is that strong leader governments believe they are uniquely capable of dealing with the problems of drug addiction and most others.. And this certainly is not the case… Are there groups/charities/churches out there that can and do do a much better job than the government? Of course, and what are we doing about it? That’s right, next to nothing… And why?

1-local strong leader governments really deeply believe they can fix any and all the problems if they just have enough money
2-success is never measured by quality of service delivered, only by adherence to budgets and the “rules”
3-there is no concern for the wider consequences or implications of decisions made

Tell your Councillors you want something done here…

My Questions to the SHBC Executive Tonight 05/09/17

So, here are the questions I asked at the SHBC Executive Meeting, answers embedded in the text:

Could you please tell us the actual number of customers visiting the Camberley Mall on a monthly basis today versus one year ago, exclusive of any events like the Car Show?

**Answer: No, this is protected information and we do not have to disclose it so we are not going to disclose it. 

**observation: what do you have to hide? Wouldn’t you want to advertise your success? Oh, unless there isn’t any…

You have chosen to use a carparks app called Glide. This was an unusual choice because they are very small company with untested and less than reliable technology. We have had countless technical problems with this app, costing our residents many thousands of pounds, and causing enormous inconvenience in the parking process. The app claims to offer customers substantial savings when in fact it is nothing more than a short term gimmick.

As a company, they do not adhere to even the most basic requirements of security and email/account verification that we have all become accustomed to with actual secure payment apps. This has of course resulted in extreme pain for many of our “customers“, they have found out the hard way that they have given virtually unlimited access to their accounts to pay council sponsored rip off. Which of you, on the Executive, have ever actually read the terms and conditions of these people at the Glide app and Masterpass?

Please explain what you are doing to:
1-get to the bottom of their (Glide) technical problems so that our residents are no longer penalised by their bad performance?
2-Offer instantaneous refunds for any overcharging for the parking? Some people have had to wait more than a week for the thousands of pounds that have been illegally taken from their bank accounts to be restored.This is something that all other major parking apps do.
3-Please explain how much more business we have been able to generate in the Mall by the use of this parking app?

Further, normally councils have penalty provisions built-in to the performance of companies like Glide who can so substantially impact their delivery of service. Please tell us what sort of provisions you have built in regarding your agreement with these people?

**Answer: Glide is an app, and the Council has nothing to do with it, they seem to be working fine now. There were no real financial problems, and they were fixed quickly… These problems have had no effect on the  people coming to Camberley.

**observation: we were treated to a remarkable excuse-giving justification of a totally failed initiative. Yet another example of the incredible weakness of this local government and demonstration of how out of touch they are… They are concerned about the opening of the new Bracknell Centre, and well they should be…



Moral bankruptcy of the Maybot

Today’s papers feature the real truth about the Maybot and the price the British people are going to pay for her outrageous hubris.  Had she just taken her actual majority into the Brexit negotiations, the departure “tax” for leaving the EU would have been £10-20 Billion. And now, quite unsurprisingly the Europeans are going for our throats. And why? Well because they can, and the Maybot handed it to them on a proverbial “silver platter”…

So, Theresa, why don’t you just explain how your arrogance cost the Brithish people more than £30 Billion? And then exactly why you think you should stay even one more day???

Crime in Camberley, what are you waiting for???

So, we find out a few weeks ago that we have the 4th highest crime problem in all of the 1.3 million people in the County of Surrey.  And now we see that the Surrey Police are shutting down one flat after the other for all sorts of criminal activities, terrorising all the local residents. And what is our “strong leader” local government aka the Moira and Karen show doing about it? Yes you guessed it, nothing… One of the 5 statutory things a Borough Council has to do is housing, technicalities exempt the Council’s ultimate responsibility but certainly not its moral obligation… So we provide what controls to ensure that these people who behave with the remotest modicum of respect???  Well you know the answer to that…  Not only that, we have a crime crisis, and is it on the agenda for Council’s Executive for the 5th September? Not even a sniff of consideration…

Want to do something about it? Come to the meeting:, or demand you Councillor tell you why this is happening…