Conservatism made simpleIdeology? For all my adult life, except for recently, it has been the backbone of all of the political systems I have been involved in. I am and always have been a Conservative with a capital “C”. What did Conservatives believe:

  1. As small a government as possible, government never to compete with taxpayer business
  2. Low taxes, keeping taxes low to only pay for the statutory obligations of the government, no more
  3. Absolute minimal borrowing by the government
  4. Equality of opportunity for all
  5. Justice for all

All political parties have their own ideology, or at least they always have. Unfortunately today all the parties have abandoned all ideology in favour of just getting elected. And when ideology is abandoned, morality is right behind it. Our political system no longer has the slightest hint of morality in any part of it. And our past heroes have to be rolling over in their graves.  The solution? People in the system with their own ideology.  Hopefully some new blood can find its way into the “system” to turn it back right again…