About the Yank

The Yank is David, he’s easy enough to track down…  He came to the UK on business in 1987, and after 5 years of back and forth, finally settled down here.  Although a Yank, and still a citizen, he is also a subject of Her Majesty the Queen, but enough about that…

David grew up in a gritty Irish middle class suburb south of Boston, he has spent most of his time in the high tech business.  His wife Janet owns their Hight St. Essential Address business in Frimley. Primarily, David is now involved in a Social Media consultancy firm called CityLeads, doing LinkedIn development for Direct Access Barristers. You can see his whole background here: David’s LinkedIn Profile

He got involved in local politics off the back of his leadership and community action in Frimley having to do with rogue  “Cowboy Clampers” in one of the local car parks. They used confusions in the law to terrorise local residents and extort thousands of pounds from them. Lives were destroyed, the village’s business was decimated. Did the local council care? Not one iota, especially the local Frimley Councillors.

He launched a massive series of protests, an aggressive social media campaign, and sued the owners. The result? Got them all thrown out and got the law changed in Parliament on clamping cars on private land.

He was elected in 2011 as a Councillor for the ward of Frimley Green at the Surrey Heath Borough Council he moved to the Ward of Frimley in 2015.  He was part of the Conservative Group at Surrey Heath, but was excused from the group in August 2016 for asking too many questions and being a real Conservative. He is a founder of the Frimley Business Association, and very involved in several community organisations.

Shortly after being elected in 2011, the Council bureaucrats decided that David’s aggressive social media presence and telling the truth about council operations brought the Council into disrepute. They also found his representation of his residents as wholly unacceptable…  He disagreed with this and appealed their judgment to the High Court, won, and the Council’s judgment was thrown out. Further, it was made into a “landmark high-court judgment” called “David Allen vs. Surrey Heath Borough Council”.

He spent 3 months from June-August 2013 writing on the the issue of Parental Alienation.  These are all available on the Parental Alienation page…

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