Who Farted?

You gotta admit, this is too bizarre for words… So, Richard and Charlotte resign because they say they don’t fit into the Conservative Group any longer, and then it comes out the next day that they were tossed out for not meeting the high moral standards of the Conservative group. Richard,  you are the leader for a total of 7 months, after drooling over the job as the deputy leaders for 12 years, and then you earn the ultimate spanking after only 7 months from this lot??? The standards of the Conservative group??? This same group where the Deach & Dan show are still there despite Dan being a convicted fraudster and serving time in prison for it… And the 2 of them throwing a big party for themselves at Pennyhill Park which we the taxpayers had to pay for…

Like so many things they do, this smells incredibly bad… Everything about this stinks… Richard, you were Moira’s right-hand girl for 12 years, and you said that you know nothing of this big payoff to Whelan? You were there at the Conservative group meeting in 2017 where you voted that Whelan should get no increase in her compensation, ever, I was there and saw it myself. And you are in the center of power and say you didn’t know anything? Do you actually think the voters are this stupid? You couldn’t make this up…

Richard, you are a liar and you smell bad…

2 Replies to “Who Farted?”

  1. Mr Yank

    I can’t see a contact for you anywhere. Please don’t publish any of this message but feel free to do what you like with the info.

    Maybe it slipped your notice that there was another Pennyhill Park event last night. Does not appear to have been reported anywhere. It was on the council website. Looks like there is hope no one would notice

    Conservatives with their noses in the feeding bucket again?


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