I bet you’d like one of these jobs…

Just how do you get one of these Council CEO Jobs?

Well, first you probably need to be a Solicitor, a Council one. Council lawyers know all the ropes in the legal system like how not to reply to Freedom of Information requests, how to bully without getting caught, how to bribe potential shopkeepers to come to your bankrupt mall while calling it an incentive package, and how to crush the competition. Oh and yes you need to know how to go out and buy the property and long term lease of a company going bankrupt and convince the Councillors and public of what a great deal it is…

The rewards? Massive… You can get yourself paid £190K per year, 20% more than the Prime Minister, all the while convincing the public that you actually have a harder job than him…  And not only that, you can get a £15K bonus for just showing up for work, how good is that???  But come on, that takes a lot of work all that mental energy going to conniving and covering up and cavorting with the public’s money, definitely a lot more fun than watching MTV…

The answer for the public?

Get the petition going to reverse this, but then she is banking on the fact that you are some combination of too lazy or too stupid to do anything about it… Please prove her wrong…

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