Broken Borough Councils-Part 4

So, this steadily growing blood-sucking bureaucracy has deprived you of your democratic election and representation rights, given you a behemoth of expense you didn’t ask for, co-signed you to a debt that can’t possibly be paid, given you a bunch of services that you could care less about, and not delivered on many of the things that they are required to do… Do you really want a 40 year old white elephant of a theatre that no one goes to and loses £500K/year? Do you really want a clapped out recreation centre to be razed by them to be replaced by an equally clapped out dysfunctional recreation centre that you aren’t going to use? Just keep remembering, they know what is best for you more than you do… Right??? Maybe not…

Fifth thing wrong: this is simple pure Socialism, you didn’t vote that in…

Now the people doing this to you, are getting paid a lot of money by you to do all this to you. The CEO of Surrey Heath gets paid more than the Prime Minister, as do most of the Council CEOs in the country. And how does that happen? Well, because you let them.  The fix? Petitions to fix each part and demands to get it done by those people you elected to represent you. Otherwise, get used to it, and remember what George Orwell said: some pigs are more equal than others…

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