Broken Borough Councils-Part 3

So, this whole “providing” situation has gone on swimmingly until it didn’t. Those 90 other things cost really a lot of money, and the central government has been ploughing through your tax money at a frightening pace.  So 5 years ago the Central Government basically said, hey, we will give you the money for what is statutorily required, but the rest is up to you… Central Government speak for “get lost”… You want a theatre? Run it at a profit and keep the money. You want a fitness and recreation centre? Great, run it at a profit and keep the money. And so it is with everything else… Main problem: the local government is totally incapable of running anything, much less at a profit, so there is no money in it.

Time to wake up and smell the coffee…

Third thing wrong: they are using “back door” means to pay for this

In short, the Surrey Heath and every other Council has drastically expanded the government without anyone asking them to, and now is going to demand that you pay for it. Could all the “extra” things be done by someone in the private or charity sectors? In a heartbeat.  So why don’t they let these guys do it? Simple, foundational to their beliefs are:

      1. They know better than you do what you need
      2. To allow things that they are not required to do, to be done by someone else would diminish their power, and it is all about power for people in the government

Fourth thing wrong: they stole your credit, and didn’t even tell you

Question Sound dangerously like Socialism? That’s because it is, and it came through your back door without you ever knowing about it… So, get back to the money, how is it that they are paying for it all? Well that’s the sweet part for them. At Surrey Heath they went out and borrowed £168M to buy retail property that supposedly generates rental income that is supposed to pay the bills for all this? Will it? don’t tell them that retail is dead… So, you have 2 problems here:

      1. They used your credit to borrow the money, you co-signed the loans. Didn’t know that? Well you did…
      2. The properties acquired have no chance to succeed. The result? The 86,000 people of Surrey Heath will have to split the bill between them, roughly £2,000 for every man, woman, and child…

But actually there is a 3rd problem too, the costs keep going up and the revenues are going down, and the investments are bad. Their solution? Borrow more money… The whole thing is just an elaborate Ponzi Scheme…

So what do you need to do: probably get a petition together to demand that they get out of every thing non-statutory, and when they don’t do it? Sue them… But they are banking on you being too lazy and too stupid to really do anything here…

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