The Winner of the Biggest Shag of the Residents Award This Month: Viv Chapman

So, a couple of years ago, Councillors Vivienne Chapman and Leader Moria Gibson decided to fix one of the 6 Statutory Services that Surrey Heath has to provide. A service that wasn’t broken, so they “fixed it”. They just decided that we the residents needed to be served by a bunch of incompetent morons who can’t get anything right collecting the trash. You have to ask yourself, how hard could it be? And who is going to pay for this shagging? Yes, you guessed it, you and me…

Do they ever miss any pickups in the St. Paul’s Ward for her and Dan Adams? Of course not… So, if your trash isn’t collected, bring it to Viv’s house and have her sort it out for you, her address is on the web site…

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