Broken Borough Councils-Part 2

In the last post, we looked at the two things you as voters could do that would fundamentally change the system: 1-establish term limits, and 2-change the party leadership stranglehold

Part 2 goes to the heart of the democratic process. So, shortly after the end of World War II, the prescriptions for how Councils were to work was developed and put into law in the UK. So, there are essentially 3 levels of government in the UK: Borough Councils, County Councils, and MPs.  Each has distinctly different functions by mandate from the Central Government. Borough Councils have the following statutory functions:

  1. Taking out the rubbish
  2. Running all parts of planning
  3. Running Licensing (all forms)
  4. Providing housing
  5. Running elections
  6. Assessing and collecting Council Taxes and Business Rates

Second thing wrong: doing what they aren’t chartered to do

And what do Borough Councils do other than this? Loads… As time has evolved, they have simply decided to do things like Parks & Recreation, Meals on Wheels, Citizens Advice, and literally dozens of other things…  All worthy causes, but not as part of the government.  So, statutorily, 6 things, but in reality they do more than 90 things. Why? Because they could, and seized on the idea of doing it without anyone really knowing what it meant to do this. And, stupidly, the Central Government said, hey we’d better help pay for these things… The basic premise was that we as the government know what you need and we will provide it for you. And most amazingly, we the voters went along with that… Why? Because we just that was how it worked, but guess what, that isn’t how it has to work.

There are dozens of organisations, both community and otherwise who would take over all 90 of these things and run them ten times better at a fraction of the cost. And not only that, do we need a third rate theatre that costs a £500K/year loss?

So what do you need to do?

Demand from your Councillor to know exactly why they do anything other than what is statutorily required… They are relying on you to be too stupid and too lazy to do it…

One Reply to “Broken Borough Councils-Part 2”

  1. That’s very thought-provoking. It would help if the council publicised that the 90 activities were just optional rather than mandatory. We might agree that the council was best placed to carry out some of them, but at least that would be our choice.


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