Vindication By The Truth…

So, the results are in and the truth is now told, here as well as everywhere cross the UK, the Conservatives have taken a thrashing, apparently bigger than at any time since World War II.

This was a well-earned thrashing, and here as in many places, not just the conservatives, but labour were also thrashed, but they only got a spanking compared to the conservatives who were obliterated by the Liberal Democrats and a handful of independents. In the end they maintained a 1 seat majority on the Council, which is actually worse than losing. Worse because a mayor needs to come out of that lot, and then there will be an even split.

The Conservatives have ruled unilaterally and harshly for over 25 years here. So much so, that whilst I am a capital “C” Conservative, I resigned from the party 2 years ago. Reasons?
1-in 2017, their calendars would not work or open to any date past 2007. They had no capacity to grasp the fact that life and technology had moved on, they were sure the internet and ecommerce would “never be anything”
2-many of the leadership were shockingly crooked, and had no regard for the voters. They were only there to enrich themselves and the voter expense
3-they tolerated, accepted, and endorsed shockingly incompetent behaviour from the CEO and the Chief Legal officer, the CEO is under investigation criminally as we speak for the “Leisure Leagues” debacle
4-they preferred borrowing and wasting shocking amounts of money (£160M) which will enslave the electorate to the tune of £2,000 for every man, woman, and child in Surrey Heath
5-they “eat their young”… The Tory party has brought contempt and disregard for human decency to a new low level, lower than I thought imaginable. If you do not toe the party line on all matters, even criminal, you are to be destroyed…

So, my stand, and walking away, has been vindicated…

Bizarrely, on that last point, it is probably the single biggest thing locally that contributed to the big wins on Thursday. The outgoing mayor, Dan Adams, is a council tax-cheat and was convicted of fraud who has done time in prison for it; and his sidekick, Paul Deach is just an uneducated thug from the wrong side of Manchester. They engaged in so much shocking behaviour that it caused a lot of the popluation to get up in arms about it. They are of course blaming it all on Brexit, but the only person to blame is the person they see in the mirror in the bathroom… So, bless you Paul and Dan…

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