Could Councillor Deach Stoop Any Lower?

So, the local Facebook Camberley Chat is dominated by nothing other that the picture Councillor Paul Deach posted of one of our most popular residents Stefan Kenson… This is what Councillor Deach thinks of the residents, shocking.

Stefan had the unmitigated gall to find unacceptable the Councillors actions at stiffing the Council for an Mayor Dan Adams Banquet extravaganza and night out at Pennyhill Park, to the tune of £100/plate, and all the rest… As always, their only actual problem is that they got caught…  The public needs to demand that every penny is repaid to the taxpayers.

At a time when Council Tax is rocketing up, how could anyone, much less  a Borough and County Councillor both bully Stefan and post this sort of graphic? Of course, this is bringing the Council into shocking disrepute, but will they find it that way? Of course not, it will be brushed aside…

Here’s the picture of him nominating the  current mayor Dan Adams. At the time we knew he was a serial tax-dodger, who, as deputy mayor had to be sued by the Council to pay his tax,  Later we found out that he also is a convicted fraudster who served time in prison for it. Only when backed against the wall did he admit it… What a great representative of Surrey Heath, especially for the businesses? No wonder the Surrey Heath Business Expo was cancelled this month due to lack of interest… Clearly these guys deserve a raise…

How can the Tory Party accommodate such tasteless bullying by Councillor Deach? Campbell Mitchell, how can you accept this?  John May, how can you approve of this?  Michael Gove, aren’t you proud of your Tory Councillors?  This is too outrageous for words…

One Reply to “Could Councillor Deach Stoop Any Lower?”

  1. The Local Government Ombudsman should be investigating this Council. I have tried on numerous occasions to have complaints investigated to no avail. Hopefully in May all these corrupt councillors will be removed as well as Karen Whelan and other department heads.


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