You couldn’t make this stuff up…

Congratulations to the Council Leader Karen Whelan and Leader Moira Gibson for bringing our Council into total disrepute and making us the laughing stock of the UK

So, today we have managed to be the centrepiece of the Times Business Section. Yes that small investigatory set of journalists that take a weekly look at the most outrageous and stupid behaviour on our charming little island… And yes, we win that prize, take a look for yourselves:

Could you actually make any of this up???

An understatement? Really quite shocking…

The professionals saw Whelan and Gibson a mile off… And that wasn’t a compliment…

And what do you think they saw from a mile off??? Is this the pot calling the Yank kettle black???

3 Replies to “You couldn’t make this stuff up…”

  1. What? You don’t think that moving a mini-museum and a table-tennis room into the Square is a sign of good business acumen? Just think of the income they’re generating….

    I think I’ve spotted SHBC being cited in the national press once or twice lately, when there’s been a whole country of other towns that could’ve been mentioned. I wonder if there’s a ‘national’ journalist with local links.


  2. Councillor Gibson states that they had “filled holes” by moving the museum into the Square. This is not true! The council executive threw the museum out of the council offices and intended that there would be displays around the borough, particularly one was to be in the contact centre of the council but this has not materialised. The only reason that the museum is in the town centre is that the Archaeological Trust and other volunteers who run the Heritage Gallery, invited the museum to use the ground floor of their venue. This is just the sort of miss-information which I come to expect from our council.


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