Welcome to NIMBY Night at the Council…

So, NIMBY #1, our two Councillors in Camberley, by Southwell Park Road, Dougal  and McClafferty , called this in because they can’t cope with an increase of a couple of children at a day care centre close to their home.

Noisy children? Shock and horror… No, no, no… Not In My Back Yard (NIMBY)… So these two Councillors are voting to build out 500 new flats within 100 metres from their homes. And do you think that any of those new residents will have any children? Apparently they don’t think so. Just exactly where are those children going to be taken care of?

And the result of the vote? Carried against the NIMBYs 11-4…

This matter was followed by NIMBY #2 The Dance Studio on Lightwater…  The proposal is for the shocking use of this dance studio for 1-to-1 tuition on nine Sunday mornings during the year. What? We can’t have this sort of nefarious dancing going on in Lightwater.  Classical ballet on Sunday morning? Highly disturbing that this is even considered… Why on earth would we want to inspire these children to be great dancers?  We can’t do that, we need to get them on back on their iPads instead, there just aren’t nearly enough socially deviant children…  This one was called in by His Highness former mayor Winterton.

And the result? Matter carried against the NIMBYs 8-7

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