Public statement from the Others Group at Surrey Heath Borough Council – House of Fraser in Camberley

We have noted with sadness that House of Fraser announced yesterday their intention to close their Camberley store.  This will clearly impact on many hard working local employees and residents that will now lose their jobs should these proposals be agreed. For our part, we will be happy to meet with any impacted constituent and help refer them to suitable employment and benefit advice services should they need this.

It is no secret that we as opposition Cllrs representing different political opinions have been concerned for some time about the reliance of traditional retail in Camberley Town Centre development plans.  It is particularly alarming that House of Fraser have chosen to propose closing the Camberley store whilst keeping many other stores open in other towns and cities across the UK including at Guildford and Reading.  This suggests a lack of confidence by House of Fraser in the redevelopment of Camberley despite the Council having repeated talks with them about future plans. As a result, it raises serious questions about the future town centre plans of Surrey Heath Borough Council.

Whilst we all want to see a positive vision and future for Camberley, it is important that we and all elected Cllrs understand the impact of this closure to our residents and local taxpayers. We remain committed to ensuring that our local residents receive answers and assurances as to the future of Camberley.”

House of Fraser is dead
The puff of smoke above the House of Fraser in Camberley, the end is here

3 Replies to “Public statement from the Others Group at Surrey Heath Borough Council – House of Fraser in Camberley”

  1. At least the statement – unlike SHBC’s – puts people first. And the departure of HoF from Camberley will hardly be a vote of confidence in the future of the town.


    1. The Conservatives have said nothing about the terrible plight of the employees who have had their lives pulled out from underneath them. The simple truth is that the company is paring back its losses and sees nothing about the supposed vision of the Leader of the Council that gives them a shred of a consideration about staying in Camberley. As noted they are not closing the stores in the neighbouring towns of Reading and Guildford, that sends its own message…

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  2. Why has this council wasted public money –
    over £18m- buying a shopping mall when retail footfall is dropping and Internet shopping is booming!? There should be an independent investigation into the spending of our money in this way especially when people are living on the streets and using food banks; its a disgrace and the closing of Hof F, which is only the beginning, is proof of a council which has lost its way.


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