The reprehensible proposes and elects the immoral and shameful

Tonight we got to witness the soft-shoe side show of the proposal and election of the Mayor by the part of the Council with no moral fibre whatsoever. That part of the group were represented by the reprehensible and outrageous proposals of Councillors Deach and Chapman, and then were endorsed by other members of the Conservative Cabal. They have successfully spun the Council into irretrievable debt by buying worthless properties and some other amazingly foolish investments, all of whom are destined to fail and cost every man, woman, and child in Surrey Heath a shocking amount of money. They have then thumbed their noses at the constituents of Surrey Heath by appointing a Mayor who, as Deputy Mayor, refused to pay his Council taxes, and only relented when he was taken to Court by the very Council he now represents.

Any man of any moral character would have had the dignity and self respect to have resigned when he was “caught out”. It is our hope, that at every Mayoral function in the next year, the constituents demand to know why they should pay their Council taxes and he shouldn’t… The entire opposition voted against this law-breaker…

And as for the Deach and Chapman, their constituents must demand of them why they have promoted a law breaker with no moral conscience to be mayor. Because, at the end of the day, why should any of us live up to our obligations if the mayor isn’t?

So finally the law breaker is sworn in… Ironically several Conservative Councillors didn’t show to the meeting, easier than voting your consciences…

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