Zone Of Immunity Part 2

Sorry that the Yank has been busy for the last few weeks, but time to get back to it, turns out there is a lot up that will require our attention in the next few days, so let’s wind this part up…

So, the last 3 requirements to maintain the Zone of Immunity:

3-who’s money is it anyway? Councils have seduced themselves and their residents into thinking that the money they collect in tax revenues is theirs, not their constituents. Councils are proper corporate entities, but when they are deluded into thinking that their money is theirs, you have socialism. A zone of immunity can only be maintained with a continual stream of finance which is “ours”…

4-breeding the fear of death into the presence of any opposition. It is an utter requirement in maintaining a zone of immunity to put the fear of God into the public regarding any incursion of power by the opposition party. The opposition needs to be painted as Demonic forces that will bring down the democracy as we know it. Conservatives need to paint Labour as the evil empire who will plunge the country into an abyss, and the other way around…

5-diversion experts. any effective zone of immunity has to be surrounded by complete obsession to babble out any questioners to the truth. Transparency is a product of technology, always has been, so it all has to be neutralised to keep the truth at bay…. All efforts need to be maintained to ensure that no truth gets about about the true state of the operations of the Council.

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