Zone of Immunity-part 1

Time to take a look at the real truth about these local council leaders, the ones in our so-called “strong leader” form of government…

Seems the strength of the zone of immunity” around every leader in this “strong leader” form of government we are saddled with is inversely proportional to the strength and character of the leader. Mostly because it needs to be… Leaders with no personal strength or character need a strong “zone of immunity” around them to protect themselves from that glaring lack of strength and character. So lets look at the first few factors that make up a strong zone of immunity:

1-Personal credentials and experience. Does the leader have publicly verifiable accomplishments and credentials? Have they actually ever done anything??? Do they have a profile on LinkedIn? Or does the leader have no CV, no actual accomplishments, and no verifiable credentials? Especially as regards running a Council…  10 being best, 1 being worst, where is your leader?
-this is one of the only places you can get a negative score. If you they are claiming to be something you are not, and have in fact fabricated their credentials, they have a negative score…

2-Diversity: all local government bodies have Executive Groups, so it is about diversity in this “Executive Group” around the leader. People with proper credentials and credibility? Racial diversity? Opinion diversity? Are the leaders’ opinions ever challenged? Are there any non-WASPs? Again, 10 for strong diversity of opinion, 1 for neat rows of lemmings and sheep…

More in the next few days…

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