Zone of Immunity

cohesionFantastic article in the comment section of the Times (London) on Friday by Philip Collins. The article was about how the Tory Party has become infected with “Corbynism”, that infectious need to abandon all reason in favour of mob rule…

The most interesting thing in the article apart from Jacob Rees-Moog’s use of the longest word ever tweeted, was the concept of the “Zone of Immunity”, that zone around political leaders which they must establish and for which they are immune to any consequences of any actions. We see this particularly in “strong leader” forms of government where the strength of the leader as a leader is inversely proportional to the strength of the zone of immunity.  Take Trump for instance, the zone of immunity around him is incredibly large and strong. He can say and do anything without any thought of recrimination or objection. And his strength as a leader? The lowest ever seen by an American president.

So, take our Council leaders, they live in strong leader forms of government. What is the strength of their zone of immunity? Even a cursory view will show that it is sky high. And why? It has to be, because they are so weak as leaders. They can tolerate no dissent, no questions, and no blame for anything that is wrong. To do that you have to have a really strong “Zone of Immunity” around you that keeps up the ruse. How big is the Zone of Immunity around the leaders that you live under? You have to ask yourself the question…

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