My Questions to the SHBC Executive Tonight 05/09/17

So, here are the questions I asked at the SHBC Executive Meeting, answers embedded in the text:

Could you please tell us the actual number of customers visiting the Camberley Mall on a monthly basis today versus one year ago, exclusive of any events like the Car Show?

**Answer: No, this is protected information and we do not have to disclose it so we are not going to disclose it. 

**observation: what do you have to hide? Wouldn’t you want to advertise your success? Oh, unless there isn’t any…

You have chosen to use a carparks app called Glide. This was an unusual choice because they are very small company with untested and less than reliable technology. We have had countless technical problems with this app, costing our residents many thousands of pounds, and causing enormous inconvenience in the parking process. The app claims to offer customers substantial savings when in fact it is nothing more than a short term gimmick.

As a company, they do not adhere to even the most basic requirements of security and email/account verification that we have all become accustomed to with actual secure payment apps. This has of course resulted in extreme pain for many of our “customers“, they have found out the hard way that they have given virtually unlimited access to their accounts to pay council sponsored rip off. Which of you, on the Executive, have ever actually read the terms and conditions of these people at the Glide app and Masterpass?

Please explain what you are doing to:
1-get to the bottom of their (Glide) technical problems so that our residents are no longer penalised by their bad performance?
2-Offer instantaneous refunds for any overcharging for the parking? Some people have had to wait more than a week for the thousands of pounds that have been illegally taken from their bank accounts to be restored.This is something that all other major parking apps do.
3-Please explain how much more business we have been able to generate in the Mall by the use of this parking app?

Further, normally councils have penalty provisions built-in to the performance of companies like Glide who can so substantially impact their delivery of service. Please tell us what sort of provisions you have built in regarding your agreement with these people?

**Answer: Glide is an app, and the Council has nothing to do with it, they seem to be working fine now. There were no real financial problems, and they were fixed quickly… These problems have had no effect on the  people coming to Camberley.

**observation: we were treated to a remarkable excuse-giving justification of a totally failed initiative. Yet another example of the incredible weakness of this local government and demonstration of how out of touch they are… They are concerned about the opening of the new Bracknell Centre, and well they should be…



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