Crime in Camberley, what are you waiting for???

So, we find out a few weeks ago that we have the 4th highest crime problem in all of the 1.3 million people in the County of Surrey.  And now we see that the Surrey Police are shutting down one flat after the other for all sorts of criminal activities, terrorising all the local residents. And what is our “strong leader” local government aka the Moira and Karen show doing about it? Yes you guessed it, nothing… One of the 5 statutory things a Borough Council has to do is housing, technicalities exempt the Council’s ultimate responsibility but certainly not its moral obligation… So we provide what controls to ensure that these people who behave with the remotest modicum of respect???  Well you know the answer to that…  Not only that, we have a crime crisis, and is it on the agenda for Council’s Executive for the 5th September? Not even a sniff of consideration…

Want to do something about it? Come to the meeting:, or demand you Councillor tell you why this is happening…

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