2/3 of MPs don’t even know where “here” is…

It is no wonder that politicians particularly at the MP level are so distrusted, 2/3 of them have no connection whatsoever with their electorate, except the fact that they both consume British oxygen. They don’t live amongst the people they represent, and have no actual connection with their constituents. Is it any surprise then that they are not trusted?

There are two types of people out there in politics; those who represent their people and those who represent their party.  You can never be sure about the 1/3, but certainly the 2/3 are just there to do what the party tells them to do, and make it look like they care (and even that’s not the case most of the time)…  When you don’t actually represent people, but represent the party, you will do and say whatever is expedient at the time to get the party’s dirty work done.  And, they do…

Time for a change? All of it would change if an MP were required to live in the district they represent for 5 years before they stand, and then be able to hold office for no more than 2 terms…  Maybe you couldn’t make that work unilaterally at the start, but you could put a ceiling of 10% on it. High time for a change…

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