The Gravy Train is Ending

Whilst there have been numerous articles highlighting the outrageous borrowing of Surrey Heath in the last 6 months to use taxpayer money to compete with taxpayer businesses, Parliament is now going to shut it down. Thanks to The Times for their research and work into this, as the time has come to close the loophole of this scam and stop these idiots from wasting our money…

Wasting our money? These Conservatives have splashed out over £100M on a washed up mall, a store (House of Frasier) filled with asbestos, and a low-budget retailer (Matalan) in its last throes of life.  Camberley & the Mall has got to have the largest collection of charity shops and nail boutiques in England, just charming… And where did they manage to scam this money from? From the Public Works Loan Board, set up to fund public works, not stupid property gambling investments. In the previous Times article, they showed that it would be a better investment to put the money on the 2:15 at Ascot.  When a government goes out and uses taxpayer monies to compete with taxpayer businesses, what is the difference between that and state-owned and controlled businesses (aka Communism)? Ah right, turns out there isn’t any…  They’ve managed to out-Corbyn Jeremy Corbyn…

And the worst part is that retail is changing so drastically, that the washed up mall will be totally scrubbed out of business inside 10 years. But by then the current thieves will be gone to their new consulting jobs paying 10 times what they get now…  Why do you think the previous owners, Capital & Régional were so happy to off this turkey?

3 Replies to “The Gravy Train is Ending”

  1. A couple of your facts are a bit astray. House of Fraser had asbestos removed some years ago. And, if I remember correctly what the council leader has said, not all the borrowing came from the PWLB. I think she also said that the threat to retail from the internet was over-stated (or words to that effect). I was impressed by her ability to predict this. Most of the articles that I’ve read on the subject tend to be more pessimistic about the future of the high street.


    1. Actually the top floor is closed due to the asbestos, the PWLB is actually the brokering agent, and the specific party executing the transaction is irrelevant. Parliament is shutting down, what they are doing as well as how… Read, most of this will be here within the year… Pay particular attention to the Bonobos story, the day of the big landmark tenant is already over…


      1. I didn’t know that about the HoF top floor. The upper floors of the former Allders store were sealed off because of asbestos, I’m pretty sure, but I thought the HoF situation was ‘simply’ because of lack of trade. And, of course, my tongue was firmly in my cheek about the council leader’s ability to predict the future of retail. The last thing I read on the subject was about two ‘now-redundant’ shopping malls in the north of England.


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