Look mom, we’re number 4 in all of Surrey!!!

Look mom, Camberley now has the 4th most dangerous area of Surrey, right at the Town Centre!!!  We were featured yesterday by “Get Surrey” for this impressive achievement…

The leadership of Surrey Heath certainly has something to be proud of don’t they???  Aaahhh, probably not… A big part of the shocking increase in crime is all the run down and vacant buildings that criminals can use to ply their drugs and violence. The litter everywhere is part of the clue…

This is a direct consequence of the failure of the “strong leader” management of Surrey Heath. No doubt this week we will be treated to the most rich and spectacular denial of any fault on behalf of the Council by the leader and CEO. These are such fun to watch, and are good cannon fodder for upcoming blogs…

One Reply to “Look mom, we’re number 4 in all of Surrey!!!”

  1. It must be about eleven years since the council agreed that compulsory purchase could be used to enable regeneration of the London Road Block. The main (only?) effect was to cast a planning blight on the area.


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