The Grenfell scab is torn off…

The Grenfell disaster has been a long time in the making, and it is a direct result of the “strong leader” problem of local government. Tearing this scab off cost 80 people their lives, and we will never hear the end of it until the system is changed…

But why would I say this is such a clear indicator of the problem endemic to the system? Well a few “strong leader” types made all the decisions here, all whilst getting paid £67K a year to do nothing for their residents. They made the “simple” choice of saving the council a bit of money (not a lot) and cladding the tower in much cheaper fire stoking materials instead of actual fire-resistant materials. Oh didn’t they do good? Certainly justifies the big salaries… But the amazing thing is that the other “strong leaders” in Councils across the country made the same “simple” decisions, hundreds of them.  They made the same “simple” choices and not surprisingly all their apartment towers were equally flammable, and now thousands more have had to be evacuated.

So, when it goes down, where are the leaders? For 4 days they are no where to be seen, “simple”… When they do show up they take none of the blame for anything and essentially throw it all off to the London assembly and the central government.  The common response for all the “strong leaders” everywhere: don’t show up for 4 days, then blame everyone else and then quit… The only part they got right was the quit part…

If it were just this, that would be one thing, but we see the same problem in countlesss other areas. “Strong leaders” do what they think is best, but there is nothing they do that could be remotely considered “best” for the rest of us. They borrow £2,000 from every citizen and buy shopping malls and don’t tell anyone, spend £187M putting in street lights and then turn them off to save £21K, charge you for taking your trash to the tip that you already paid for, fail completely at building sufficient housing, and then give themselves raises for the great job they’ve done. As long as there is no local representative democracy, you will get what you get…

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