Local Government Leadership

Just the opposite of the Central Government, almost all local government has what is called a “strong leader” form of government.  Although it has the weakest leaders, there is a strong set of “rules” that keep them in power. Unlike MPs who can toss the Prime Minister out with a 15% no-confidence vote, at the local level it is 75%. So, if you are a council like Surrey Heath with a conservative majority of 35/40, that will only happen the day after hell freezes over…

So, once you build in a system of job security, you build in a system of all sorts of patronage and favouritism.  Basically, you kiss the butt of the leader or you are a back-bencher twice removed…  But it is even worse than that, the “strong leader” actually runs everything through a series of lackeys called “the Executive”, and they decide 99.9% of everything that happens. Their only job is to nod politely whenever the leader wants something…  They don’t have to consult with any of the other “elected” members of the Council, they do what they please…

Bizarely, the electoral commission is going through this long and tedious exercise to get rid of a few councillors and make the wards populations more equal. In other countries it is called gerrymandering, but no we call it consultation. Turns out a lot of things are called consultation that don’t consult on anything…  Anyway, it’s a waste of time because 30 of the 40 councillors can’t/don’t do squat. Actually all they can do is squat.

So, next we will show a couple interesting new developments in the tragedy that is UK local government…

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  1. Regardless of political complexion – including none at all – organisations need a frequent injection of new blood. The old ideas HAVE to be challenged, otherwise how can anyone know that they’re still appropriate? I’m a firm believer in frequent change. People at the top should have a fixed tour of duty, or two at the most, after which they must leave. The 22nd Amendment gets it right!

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