Strong Leader/Weak Leader

So, it is time to move on to the real issues that make British politics work the way it does, and what needs to happen to fix it…

Single biggest issue in local government is that it is run using what is called the “strong leader” system.  This is as opposed to the “weak leader” system at our federal government in Parliament. So, you say why it is called “weak leader”? Well, our current prime minister (as do all of them) serves at the pleasure of her party MPs. At any time, if 15% of those MPs give letters of non-support to the Backbench 1922 Committee, then she’s out. Or at least there is a leadership re-election, but no one fights that sort of thing, it would be too humiliating.  Truth is that there are already 15% of the MPs that want her out, so her life expectancy as Prime Minister will be short…

This, however is the most effective form of Parliamentary democracy. Why? Well, simply because the Prime Minister has to truly listen to the views of the other MPs, or she will be out. Arguably, the current Prime Minister didn’t listen real well when she decided to call an an unnecessary election, or else there wouldn’t have been one…  The result? Chaos, confusion, and the advance of the unthinkable: another party running things. In the history of politics, this will go down as the greatest screwup by any major country politician-ever…  But the system??? It protected us from any extension of her folly and foolishness, and it is now time to get on with it…



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