Not me mate…

So, our mayor Valerie White has been bitten by Twitter… Turns out she didn’t  intentionally post the story about the Asian Escorts moving into Camberley, especially in her role as Mayor of Surrey Heath. But the story very definitely did come from her account…

The lesson? No matter what your kids tell you about how much they think they know about Social Media, don’t believe them, find out for yourself or you will pay dearly.  Unless,of course, you actually don’t mind this sort of thing, then you get what you get.  Was Valerie misquoted? No. Did she intend to promote Asian Escorts in Camberley? No…  Does she regret that someone could do that to her? Absolutely yes. If you don’t know what you are doing on Social Media, Get some help…

On the bright side it gave me the chance for a very pleasant chat with Valerie today…

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