It really is time to start over now…

There is no good way for bad leadership to come to an end, other than just to end.  We awake this morning to yet another disaster in London, this time someone deciding to take it out on Muslim worshippers in Finsbury Park.  Some very bizarrely confused person thinks that you can take justice into your own hands  and somehow “fix” anything. But it is  actually quite a bit worse than that, citizens now feel that they cannot and will not get any justice from the government, so they’re saying quite clearly “we’ve had enough”.

Bizarrely, the Prime Minister used that very phrase just a week ago when she said “enough is enough”.  But the ongoing saga of incompetence has reached a whole set of incredible lows this morning  with so many stories that are all now beginning to blend together into one giant continuous nightmare.  And on top of that, this morning, is the front page interview with the Chancellor talking extensively about how incompetent the prime minister is. What?  One of them needs to go today, this very day…

The difficult thing of course is that it all spirals back to the concept of belief. If you don’t believe in anything then you can’t lead anyone.  If all you believe in is getting elected again, then  you don’t actually believe in anything and the whole thing falls apart.  We have a whole group of people in parliament whose only belief is in getting elected again, it’s not surprising that they are unable to lead anyone.

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