We need leadership based on Belief…

It would be pretty hard to imagine how our prime minister could last for the next few days before she is tossed out.  We have a system here which forces, ultimately, the leaders to actually lead. It appears that if 48 of the MPs tell her that she needs to go, then that’s it.  But the problem is, it’s  damn difficult  to find any leaders who can actually lead. It seems that everyone has to have a giant coterie of advisors telling them everything they need to do. That’s okay except now we live in a real-time world.  Now you have to know what to do, you can’t be off asking people and advisors all the time. The fact that the Queen and members of the Royal Family are visiting this disaster every day and she cannot be bothered to even speak to the residents on-site  says it all.

The real crisis in the Conservative party now is: so are there any leaders out there?  But, the central problem here is that to lead you have to have Belief.  Belief in something other than how much you want to be in power. The Conservative party had five pillars of its ideology and belief, which Margaret Thatcher articulated in her now famous interview with Maurice Saatchi.  Where is that now? It seems that 99% of the current Conservative party doesn’t even realise that there are five pillars to its ideology.  You can’t have leaders unless you have leaders who believe in something.  Somehow we’ve gotten to the position where we glorify leaders who don’t actually believe in anything and accept everyone’s belief in everything.  Nice idea, but it doesn’t work in the real world, and certainly not in this one.  It is time for us to have leaders who lead based on belief, that’s it…

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