Big Blue Scuttle Leads to the Barwell Shuffle…

So, the big Blue Scuttle now leads to the Barwell Shuffle… That train wreck we had a week ago, masquerading as an election, has now morphed in an even bigger disaster, one that several dozen will pay for with their lives… Only a dozen so far, but that is only because they haven’t been able to dig through the pile of bodies still in this smouldering mess.

So, the Maybot gets rid of the 2 stooges behind the train wreck, and then brings in the election loser who was in charge of ditching all the fire regs that would have saved all these people’s lives.  Not one smoke alarm went off for these 600 residents? How could that be??? This is 2017, not Victorian London, just how could this possibly be???  At least the 2 stooges didn’t kill anyone that we know of, just the Conservative Party…

Well, needless to say he was successful at his job, oh sorry to all those people who are now dead or homeless and have lost every worldly possession. Interestingly there are another 2 towers in spitting distance that all have the same problems. The public now needs to get together and demand that the Maybot and all of her staff and ministers move into one of these two towers and see how they like it. Trade homes, and make sure that the Barwell shuffle is held on the top of the 20th floor, and take away the ash trays. Then we might protect these poor people who did not deserve this abuse…

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