Austerity is over? Who are you kidding???

The dangerously unstable Maybot now says “austerity is over”… What??? Over for when?? Today, tomorrow, 3 years from now??? We are a country inundated and enslaved by debt. Some day, that debt has to be repaid, and just who is going to do this? You simply dismissing it as over certainly doesn’t make it over, only over for today…  Someone needs to tell her that this is not Trump-land, and she can’t print money.

So we have now heard that inflation is seriously on the rise.  For the real people reading this, it just means that things cost more for the same amount of money you have to spend…  So what do Conservobots normally do with this problem? Simple, raise interest rates and slow down the growth.  But, oh, wait, the government owns about 73% of all the country’s debt, and they couldn’t cope with even a 1/4% rise, they just flat don’t have the money…  But the amazing thing is that the British people don’t get it, and actually believe that anything is over…

With this much material, definitely time to get back on track…

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