Time to get back on track…

Ok, so time for the Yank to get back at it… He’s had his rest watching the farcical train wreck that is the Conservative Party and the soon to be even more farcical attempt to convince the Europeans that the Maybot has the remotest modicum of sense or authority to act in the best interests of all involved in Brexit. The Maybot defined losing, and lose she did. No good jumping about later and saying “yes, but we got the most votes”… Maybe you did, but certainly didn’t get the most hearts, that guy who looks like Trotsky did… Worse still is that in 5 years time, that margin of your so-called victory will have died off, and then what will you do???  Exactly how could you lose to a Trotsky look-alike? Maybe he made a lot more sense than you, and just maybe he’d do a better job at what you do than you…

One of the first things you learn in business is how to listen. The consequences of not listening are direct and dire. Somehow, we seem to have a political generation who think listening is for pussies, does anyone actually care what they have to say about anything, especially as regards “strong and stable”??? Maybe when you are talking about French cheeses, but certainly not politics. Can anyone tell the Maybot that she is weak, pathetic, and dangerously unstable? By her staying in power, the Conservative Party sends the clear message down the line to Boroughs and Counties that weak, dangerous instability is just fine by them, as long as they get re-elected. In simple terms she/they have no dignity and no self-respect. Getting re-elected is all that matters…

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