Hypocrisy 101

In America, when you go to University, the course titles for everything are followed by a number, usually signifying the degree of difficulty of the course work. So, the intro course for Economics would be Econ 101, etc.  So, it’s worth taking a look at the degree of difficulty of the simple hypocrisy being hoisted on the residents of Surrey Heath by their tory councillors, or as it is better known: Hypocrisy 101…

So, here is the blog about the hole that £500K/year of your Council Tax falls into: Camberley Theatre £500K Waste every year… 

So, we can’t afford to spend the £21K per year to protect the elderly and disabled, but we can waste £500K to entertain those few people who actually use this antique. When pushed, they always come up with a robust defence for the half million pound waste, but you don’t see any of them dipping into their pockets to pay for it do you? Why would they when they can dip into yours??? Wait till you see what happens in Hypocrisy 102, guarantee your shorts will fit a bit tighter…

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