The sun is rising and the path is straight…

IMG_1213Every once in awhile things become very clear for you. Today is one of those days.  The sun is up, and the path is straight. Whilst out on the campaign trail today, a constituent gave me and shared with me the document masquerading as a manifesto of my opponent. Dozens of people on the doorstep today have told me that they are beginning to realise that the local Tory party is failing miserably. Her plan, by priority is:

1-increase and fix rail services to Waterloo: the possibility of her having any affect on this one way or the other is asymptotically approaching zero.  She would have neither the position or ability to do this, and further the decision has already been made, the service is being currently downgraded, there’s just no demand.

2-excellent schools: her daughter goes to private schools, she doesn’t even know that the main primary school in the Ward had a pass rate in the last results (6 weeks ago) of 41%, with a background of a 61% pass rate nationally. It’s broken, and she doesn’t even know it. But then how would she?

3-roads and pavements: the single biggest road issue in Camberley West is the bus lane on the A30. So where do you stand on this? That’s right, wherever the party tells you to… Why not just tell the people what you are really doing… Nothing…

4-supporting young people: what does that mean? A warmed over meaningless platitude with no commitment whatsoever…

5-supporting the vulnerable: what does that mean? another warmed over meaningless platitude that means nothing…

6-excellent local services: what does that mean? another warmed over meaningless platitude that means nothing…

My opponent’s entire proposal for Camberley West is one thing she couldn’t influence even if she wanted to, one thing she knows nothing about and is failing right under her nose, and 4 things that are meaningless platitudes that mean nothing… And where is my opponent even as this is written? Yes, Australia on holiday, she isn’t even campaigning…

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