The Lightbulb Finally Went On…

One of the funny things about Politics is that what you are actually doing often doesn’t really dawn on you because you are doing the right thing, or at least you think you are…  And for the right reasons…

Then suddenly you realise that you aren’t doing the right thing, and if you remain in the situation you are in, it doesn’t matter and it is never going to be the right thing. I’m of course referring to the Conservative Party in Surrey. There is no relation between what the Conservative Party, as a Party stands for, and what we see in Surrey.  So, I am out, and it is just a wonderful thing…  A friend asked me yesterday if standing on my own would marginalise me and that I wouldn’t be able to get much done. Good question, but not relevant today…  In fact the inverse is true. Being a member of the Conservative Party here means that you have to adhere to the Party Line on everything: constant tax increases, waste out the ying-yang, incredible inefficiency, and services that don’t work for the people.

Any dough-head could see that what is going on nothing short of shocking incompetence. I am standing and looking for others who have had the light bulb come on, others who realise that things don’t have to be like this, time for a change… And if you want, go to the new site:

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