The Next Economy and the Next Camberley Mall?

So, I think we all need to understand what the Camberley Mall Wunderkinds are going to do to give consumers the experience of the effect and implementation of the technology of the Next Economy. The Next Economy is only a few short months off, hard to implement if you don’t even know what the 10 words/phrases mean…

Almost exactly 5 years ago, the Council’s leader and most of her executive flatly stated that they’d never buy anything over the internet and that Internet Shopping would never be anything.  Looks like British consumers will spend over £2B today on this amazingly stupid trumped up holiday called Black Friday, on Internet Shopping… They were probably right, it’s nothing…

Probably they will decide that it’s all too much for them and just wait for the central government to change the planning laws. They changed the law on easily converting offices and office buildings to flats, so guess what most of the Camberley offices and office buildings are now?  So, now they just need the central government to change the law allowing for the easy converting of vacant malls to flats…  That’s it, solution done!!!

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