Wonder if they can Battle through this?

So, can the new property wunderkinds running the Camberley Mall battle through the facts about how consumers are consuming things?  Some very interesting observations, but then they will profess they already know all this:


  1. The next generation clearly sees the benefits of breaking a sweat, most health and fitness oriented conversations take place in forums. Wonder if the wunderkinds understand what a forum is???
  2. While consumers may choose healthy options in the main, analysis indicates that they would react against any measures that appear to penalise or castigate their right to consume unhealthy food and drink. So, big future for McDonalds then, and their litter.
  3. According to social analysis, eating-out has actually decreased in popularity, in favour of eating in… So, there is a reason why every restaurant in the Camberley Mall will give you 50% on anything you want at any time you want…
  4. In 2015, gaming supplanted reading as the most popular dwell time activity when commuting, the trend continues heavily. As Camberley is now just another bedroom community, there will be lots of commuting/gaming…
  5. The predominance of the online channel and the public’s focus on discounted items is borne out in the research. Almost all (96%) of shopping related conversations on social are about online purchases. So, really girls, why exactly would any high-end boutique come to Camberley? They can get it all on the net…

In future, brands will never have to enter a new market or promote a new
service blind. They’ll be armed with the right information to make a positive
impression on their target audience. So where is that data for the Camberley Mall? Wonder if anyone has told them that driverless delivery vehicles will be on the roads in our leafy villages before they get to lay down the first brick on the first building they want to build? Unless they are planning on building something beyond sensational, the game is already over. Wake up and smell the coffee…

In short we need to understand the data that drives the decisions: When you combine official retail figures with social analysis, it’s clear that value for money is driving consumer spending. This is an important learning for retail businesses. As impulse buys decline, all brands (even higher-end ones) may need consider how they can emphasize their long-term value (i.e. spend to save) to an increasing population of savvy shoppers.  So, what will they say is their unique selling proposition? Or do they even understand the question???

You need to demand the answers to these questions from your Councillor…

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