Now that didn’t take long…

How I voted on the 9th November 2016 Council Meeting and why you should care…

We had a special Council Meeting to consider the authorisation of a joint waste management agreement between ourselves and 3 other Borough Councils: Woking, Elmbridge (Esher), and Mole Valley (Dorking). The vote was carried by a margin of everyone-else to 1. The 1 being me of course…

The reasons are fairly straightforward:

1-Delivering waste services is something you have to do as a Council, it’s statutory.
But like everything else that is statutory, it’s like a pass-fail class in school, you just have to pass it. You get no extra points for anything but passing…roary
We have had a service that has ranked in the top 10 nationally for each of the last 5 years that I have been here, it isn’t broken. We passed the class…  So you have to ask yourself, why then are we trying to fix it? With so many things broken there is no need to fix the ones that aren’t. No one really knows why we are doing this, other than because we can…  We have now spent 2 years and countless tens of thousands of pounds, and for what reason???  So to “fix” the things that aren’t broken we are going to spend £3.9M, with the hope of saving some undefined amount of money in some undetermined time frame…
In short, the leadership is doing this because it can.
Not because we need to or are required to, but because we can… Or at least that’s what it looked like on the surface, and still pretty much is. But once we have this system up and running, we are going to “offer” it to the other 7 Borough Councils in Surrey, at a substantial cost (to them)… Smells dangerously like a business…
rubbish-bins2-But the real reason is we are going to press way beyond our statutory responsibility to collect your trash is to move into business waste as a business.
So the real truth finally came out, and when I specifically asked for this to be clarified by Mrs. Chapman the portfolio holder, she exclaimed with glee that this is exactly what we are doing. When I brought her attention that we would be competing against businesses that do this for a living her glee only got bigger… So, we are going to use taxpayer money to build a business to compete against taxpayer businesses… I don’t suppose we are going to pay business rates for running our business???  And I am now branded by the leadership as a right-wing lunatic for suggesting we might not want screw our taxpayers…
So you might want to ask your Councillor why they voted to use taxpayer money to build a business that competes with taxpayer businesses?
This is such an explosive revelation, that I have no doubt the leader and portfolio holder will find a great spin on it to make you think it isn’t really what it is. But guess what? It really is what it seems it is… So girls, give it an almighty great spin, and let’s get this thing swept under the carpet…


Conservatives believe in smaller government, not bigger. And we certainly don’t subscribe to using taxpayer money to build a business to compete with our taxpayer businesses. This is just so wrong on a bunch of levels, there is nothing to discuss.

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