Yes, I voted for the loser…

Extraordinary number of calls, texts, and messages this morning. And I am just as shocked as everyone else… Some good comments from “Left Futures” this morning:

**The recoil against the dominant politics of the centre-left over last twenty years stands revealed for all to see. In short, the Third Way is over.

**In Britain, discontent has been mounting for more than three decades, rooted in the deindustrialisation that destroyed many communities long before globalisation got round to finishing the job. Cash for questions, cash for honours and the MPs expenses scandal have generated widespread disengagement from all major parties, culminating in the sort of widespread alienation as much at work in the Brexit vote as hostility towards the EU and immigration. Earth calling Planet Westminster, can you hear us?

So, what can we take from this?In short, all these tax-and-spend Liberals dressing out as Tories is about to come to a crushing end. Whilst political party membership is at an all time low both here and in the US, political interest has never been higher.  A great time to be in the middle of it all…

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