So sorry they forgot you so quickly…

Our dear friend Alan’s memorial service was yesterday at Westminster Abbey. So sad to think of such a giant of a man being taken from us at a comparatively young age… The only thing that made it even more sad was how few Councillors were there from Surrey Heath. Only one County Councillor, and 8 Borough Councillors… With over 70 Councillors at all the levels personally selected and cultivated by our dear friend, that was some attendance…img_0553

If you were one of those people who didn’t bother to get there, you should be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves… You couldn’t get a ticket? That’s too lame for words…  Several came without, and they all got in.  I had a ticket, but would have moved heaven and earth to get there.

So soon they forgot you, but I never wil…

2 Replies to “So sorry they forgot you so quickly…”

  1. It is very sad he left us at such a young age. I have known Alan since I was young he was was at Lakeside with Maggie Thatcher and many other conservative Prime ministers over the years and I wouldn’t have missed his memorial to pay my respects to him. And his lovely family. But o wasn’t the only councillor there there were others I travelled with Cllr Craig Fennell . Who also went but there were I me sure others there Paul Illniki. I’me sure a few more could have made an effort but some have to work. He had a good turnout.


  2. Superb and excellently choreographed service which was absolutely appropriate for an exceptional man who was part of all our lives. Many people commented on how few councillors were there. Many of the people who did attend had jobs – they just thought it worth while to take time off. Such is life – alas.


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