the nub of it: really bad work

When people can’t defend the quality of their work, they have to stoop to emotion. My difficulty is that I am unable to accept and champion really bad work. I reached the point a few months ago where I said “enough is enough” to the really bad work. So, what was the really bad work that I’d had enough of?

  1. the Council’s leader and executive convinced us a couple years ago to give them £500K of the taxpayers money to work with consultants to bring John Lewis to Camberley. They had no idea what they were doing, and John Lewis was never coming to Camberley. The whole thing was one big delusional sham that lost £500K of the taxpayers money for no good reason
  2. there is no plan for the Camberley Town Centre, it continues to be one of the top 5 worst town centres in the UK. They are now working on what we call a “Hail Mary” play that they are making a fatal hash of
  3. the employment environment inside the Council is dire, no wonder the unions are having a field day inside the Council, the elected Leader has even gotten herself involved in personnel matters that were way out of line
  4. the A30 eyesore is a 20 year debacle that has been held up by the inaction of Surrey Heath; the County could have had it finished several years ago, but it has been held up by the bickering and power grabbing of the Leader of the Council
  5. the recent A30 slip road parking fiasco was a shocking abuse of power by the elected leader, and resulted in 1,800 families who were unjustifiably given huge fines vowing never to come back to Camberley again, a great boost to retail in Camberley
  6. the Deepcut disaster gets worse by the day. The leader of the Council forced this through on highly dubious grounds. Now we have 1,400 homes landing on us without the slightest hint of infrastructure to support them
  7. small retail businesses had their business rates go up by 30.1% this year, Surrey Heath is becoming too harsh and hard to do retail business in
  8. parking in Camberley has been a debacle for each of the 5 years I have been a Councillor. The Council makes about £1M/year on it after expenses, yet they always have a reason why it is screwed up and doesn’t’ work
  9. the Camberley Theatre is losing £500K/year and nothing is done to fix it
  10. we built exactly one affordable dwelling in all of Surrey Heath for the 87,000 residents last year
  11. we have £34,000,000 in the bank and we do not need to raise council taxes, but every year we tell our citizens we have to, and we just do
  12. we have councillors who have been there for more than 3 decades, and they have no intention of allowing any new blood in unless someone dies

So, enough is enough of the bad work. Spin is coming from every direction right now to try to convince the citizens that bad work is just some sort of misunderstanding, but the simple truth is that bad work is just bad work, and it doesn’t become good work unless you do something very different. Are they going to do something different? Well I have no confidence they might under this leader and executive, and I have the opportunity now to call it as it is…

memberSome of you want to know how this affects me as a Conservative.  Not at all if I can help it, but the leader wants my scalp because I have displayed the unmitigated gall to call bad work what it is, bad work…  I am looking for like-minded members of the community who will call time on the bad work, enough is enough…

One Reply to “the nub of it: really bad work”

  1. The “recent” A30 fiasco still is a fiasco. I raised it at last week’s Local Committee; I’ve been sending county councillors photos of the warning signs not working. An innocent soul parking there is almost a daily occurrence. And I could say lots about the principle of long-serving councillors, and about the town centre ‘plan’ and…. The Camberley Eye blog and FB page often remarks about the shambles.


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