Boundary Commission Council Meeting

Pretty low key news, but the Boundary Commission has been reviewing the seats held by everyone at every level of government. We already know that Parliament is going from 650 MPs to 600. Looks like Surrey Heath will go from 40 Councillors to 34 or 35.  Anyway here is the Boundary Commission work done by our Governance Working Group, just click on the link: electoral-review-ward-pattern-report-and-annex-a3354

It was the single most confusing and contradictory Council Meeting I have ever been to. The leader and CEO seemed to think they were making one proposal to the members, when if fact there were two.  Cllr. McClafferty told everyone of his drives through the two controversial wards, and inadvertently pointed this out to everyone, thinking it was a good thing, and it went straight downhill from there…  Several members who weren’t snoring actually noticed it too.  Members were so riveted by the excitement they started exiting the debate to use the facilities and deal with other personal business, and the Mayor and Council’s leader generally lost  control…

So, all the controversy was about the wards of Heatherside and Parkside. Councillors Ilnicki and Hawkins (both of them) both gave impassioned pleas for their wards to be the ones preserved, they probably would have fought to the death, but the Mayor only gave them each 5 minutes to speak, and old guys can’t fight to the death in 5 minutes, 10 minimum…  Fortunately the man who rescued the show was the leader of the opposition, Cllr. Rodney Bates who called all their attention to the fundamental problems with the 2 proposals and that they needed language in the motion to reflect the 34 or 35 members that the Boundary Commission might approve. It was definitely my most enjoyable meeting being out from under the confusion.

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