Drawing The Line…

The pic says it all: enough is enough…  So the line being drawn in the sand is not about who is in the little Surrey Heath Borough Council club called the conservative group, it is that line being drawn between politics based on emotion and politics based on facts. I’ve been removed by the leader’s pique of raging emotion, one that has damaged and will damage the Council for many years to come. I’ve watched this get worse and worse in the last year or so.
Unfortunately, people dominated by emotion are detached from the truth of the actual world that we actually live in. Up becomes down, left becomes right, black becomes white, and so it goes. Whilst you can try and put up with it for awhile, at some point enough is enough…
In the next few days we will discuss the fake-lawyer credentials of the leader, the debacle of the Camberley Town Centre, the state of the A30, how the patronage is dispensed by the leader, and why it’s not going to change voluntarily. However, understand this: I am not surrendering my beliefs as a Conservative, and I am not going to stop representing my fellow residents of Frimley as a Councillor.
Conservatism made simpleSo, if you can’t stomach the delusion any longer, does that make you a bad Conservative???  Well, myself and several others believe that in fact it makes you a stronger one. One willing to stand up for what he believes in, the values espoused by one of our greatest leaders: facts not emotion. Stay tuned…

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