Being a Conservative, made simple

So what makes a Conservative? Fortunately our former leader made it very clear a couple of decades ago, and it’s still true today.  It was clearly captured in the Maurice Saatchi interview on the Today Programme on 9th April 2013:

Free market, Small state, Low taxes, Independence, Individuality, Self determination
The object when she was leader of the opposition in the mid 70’s when she established the centre for policy studies (CPS) was to promote an ‘ism called conservatism. which in her mind was a philosophy, and the object of the exercise was to explain that philosophy and see if people would support it, and now we have a situation all these years later when you can tap anyone on the shoulder anywhere in the world and ask them what Mrs Thatcher stood for and you will get a straight answer in a second.
It couldn’t be simpler, the motive was exactly the same as it was with the founding the CPS. Interesting enough it translates down in to several things for local government:
  1. Serve the constituents, first and foremost. It is the reason for government, to serve the primary interests of the constituents. Not for the constituents to serve the Council… That money & those assets you hold are theirs, not yours…  Serve them for a couple of terms, not a couple of decades…
  2. Keep the taxes low. Stop raising Council Taxes for things you really don’t need. Unless you can show exactly why you absolutely have to raise them, just stop…
  3. Transparency in everything you do. In the digital age we live in, there is no excuse not to let the public in on what you are doing, particularly if you are a small, under £20M/annum Council. Hold hearings and consultations on any significant decision; that public is a lot smarter than you think they are…
  4. Individual votes published at all times. Publish how each councillor votes on every issue, secret votes are cowardly votes. Let them explain it to their constituents
  5. Answer the questions, don’t shoot the messenger. Diversity of opinion is a strength not a weakness.
Do many Conservative Councils have the guts to live up the the legacy of our former leader? Not many that I know of…

One Reply to “Being a Conservative, made simple”

  1. Sadly, answering questions – even polite, non critical, constructive – questions isn’t a strength of some local councillors. Just acknowledging questions seems to be beyond some councillors. Why do they volunteer if they don’t want to do an adequate job?


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