The Need for Trust

Seems the need for trust in the organisations that we are part of is pretty essential for sound operations. When it doesn’t exist, then you have nothing but chaos. Actually you have trust, but trust in the fact that what is supposed to work never works. Up is down, left is right, and the only thing true is that there is no truth.  So, what do people look for?

  • trust in the purpose of the organisation
  • trust in the leadership to accomplish the goals of the organisation
  • trust in fair treatment of individuals in the organisation
  • trust in the processes of the organisation

Unfortunately, where there is no trust in the organisation or leadership, the members of the organisation are not able to accomplish anything. Nothing gets done, and nothing can get done, because no one can do anything that is truly measured against any true criteria. Eventually, when nothing gets done for a very long time, anyone or anything affected by the organisation just loses interest and goes away.  Is your organisation boring? Have all the real contributors just walked away? Well, then you have your answer right in front of you…

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