Off to the Races…

Well, the race has now started, do we stay or do we go? Our MP, Michael Gove is at the head of this parade, will be very interesting to see what happens between now and the referendum in June…

The one thing that I think is important, is that when you are faced with some very difficult choices like should we? Or shouldn’t we? We need to remember that if we leave, they would have us back in a shot if we ever wanted to come back. And that would be a very big if…

Commercially, when you are buying something, your greatest leverage is to walk away. They overwhelmingly need us more than we need them. Our little tiny economy of 60M people creates more jobs than all of them added up together. And we should be pushed around by the Prime Minsters of a bunch of little jerk-water countries that create fewer jobs than Surrey?

Why deal with these morons and only get 10% of what we really want when, from the outside we can get 100% of what we want at a later date…  We have a formula that is going to go from strength to strength, having nothing to do with being in the EU. Watch this space…

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