Questions on the Camberley Theatre

Wednesday, on the Scrutiny of the Camberley Theatre, the committee came away with unanswered questions from Business Portfolio Holder Cllr. Craig Fennell on:
1-the actual profit and the actual operating numbers
2-the seats, what are we doing about refurbishing them
3-the actual marketing plan of the theatre
4-an update with the on-line booking system that members found difficult to use
5-our obligation to actually have and operate the theatre

Cllr Fennel agreed to come back to the committee with answers to these questions

Performance & Finance Scrutiny 27.01.16

The agenda for the meeting is available at:

Business Portfolio Holder Craig Fennell was with us Wednesday night to discuss the scrutiny of his portfolio:
1-Camberley Theatre
2-Green spaces
5-Car parking

Will have updates from this every few days…

Planning 13.01.16

#thankful4 great walk to planning and a great meeting

Why I voted as I did planning meeting 13.01.16

Development 15/0849 Frimhurst Farm

• Planners Recommendations: refuse

• Issues of Contention: encroachment into the countryside

• How I voted: for refusal, unanimous

• Why: no reason not to, go against this…

Development 15/0641 land between 4 and 5 School Lane

• Planners Recommendations: approve

• Issues of Contention: lane out from the property

• How I voted: against, voted down 6-5

• Why: parking, visibility from school lane, safety of pedestrians

Development 14/1136 125 Frimley Road

• Planners Recommendations: approve

• Issues of Contention: character, retrospective approvals

• How I voted: against, unanimous

• Why: no reason not to, there was no compelling reason to approve this