A New Culture of Learning…

My friend Mark Gibson told me I had to read this book, now I understand why. These guys have taken a deep dive into how we actually learn and how the old methods of learning are almost no longer valid. The Internet has unleashed in incredible set of tools to allow people who are naturally curious to dig into subjects in an amazing way…

There are some extraordinary implications for councils who are attempting to deliver services in a highly restrictive environment. It allows them to explore lots of new alternatives to delivering those services, many of which will only cost a fraction of what they are currently doing. I was amazed this week when the police announced that they were going to do are a lot of crime reporting by Skype, and the public was seriously disaffected by that. The truth is that Skype gives you a much more personal experience than picking up the phone, who wouldn’t want that?  

These principles will very shortly overhaul the educational process…

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