Interesting wave breaking across the Political Landscape…

While out campaigning last night I came across a most interesting conversation with one of our newer residents. It was a young family that moved into our area about a year ago. They had seen one of our leflets through the door a few weeks ago and had emailed me about what we were doing for children and young families. We had discussed playgrounds previously and she wanted to know what specifically the Conservatives were going to do for her and her family. For the first time, I found a voter who wanted to go through each and every point of our publication on what we’ve done and what we are doing, politicos call this their “manifesto”… When we got to the point where I asked which side they would vote for, they told me that when they were younger they voted Lib Dem and some of the other “idealistic” parties. And then she told me one thing that really stands out: “if you have a job, there is really only one party to vote for, the Conservaties…”

I saw that the press are accusing David Camoron of being boring and without passion. Interestingly enough we seem to live in a world that values titilating excitement masquerading as passion more than the fantastic quality of life that comes from working and making working work. There is a wave breaking acoross the political landscape of people who now understand the George Stepanopolous saying: “it’s the economy, stupid”…

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